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Your Rewads

Post by Admin on Fri May 01, 2015 12:18 pm

Reward : Will Be Listed Below ✔
Special Reward : Will Be Listed Below ✔
Donor Accounts Process : Will Be Listed Below ✔
Normal & Special Events : Will Be Listed Below ✔
Guild Package : Will Be Listed Below ✔

✔ Reward : Reach Level 200, Receive 3 pieces of x8 (1 Day) Compensate Exp Rosary and 5,000,000 (5 million gold) and Receive 2 pieces of Battle Attack Ring or Battle Defense Ring (30 Days) (Your Choice of Attack/Defense Type)

✔ Special Reward : Reach Max Level 210 will receive +10 permanent set & +10 permanent weapon (Without Accessories) (Unlimited Characters) 10,000,000 (10 million gold), Red Battle Helmet (7 Days)

✔ Donor Accounts Process : +13 Permanent Set, +13 Permanent Weapon, +13 Complete/Full Accessories, +13 Hover Board, +13 Headgear, Permanent Pet (Ranny Bear), Advanced Pet Food (100%) 5 pieces, Pet Name Card, Pet Color Card, Complete Pet Skills, 100 pieces of Fine Burr, 100 pieces of Luxury Protection Potion, 150,000,000 million gold (150 million gold), (Unlocked Skills Not Allowed), Special Change Name (Brackets) [], Protected Necklace 50 pieces and 2 Free Change Class (Including Change Gender)

✔ Normal & Special Events : Club Wars (Battle for Glory), Hide and Seek, Find the Pet, Kill The GM, Question And Answer, Piso Event, Suryun, Special Suryun, Exp Boost, Power Hour, Random Time/Random Events/Random Prizes, King of the Hill. (More Events will Follow) Prizes will be Randomized.

✔ Guild Package : If you have a member that consists of 5-10, And you must be the guild leader, you'll be provided with. 5,000,000 (5 million gold) for the guild creation and Ultima x4 Exp Rosary Gift Box (1 Day) (10 pieces)

To Claim Reward : Please Comment Below This

Claiming Reward
Reached Level 200
In Game Name :
Choice of (Battle Attack Ring or Battle Defense Ring) 2 pieces
Proof (Picture/Screenshot of Your Character)
To Claim Special Reward : Please Comment Below This

Claiming Special Reward
Reached Max Level 230
In Game Name :
Class :
Proof (Picture/Screenshot of Your Character)
To Claim Donate : Please Comment Below This

Claiming Donate
In Game Name :
Special Change Name :
Class :
To Claim Guild Package : Please Comment Below This

Claiming Guild Package
Guild Name to be Created :
Members : (Specify How Many)
Members : (Members Should Be Tagged In This Comment; Their Full Name)
Guild Leader : (Guild Leader Will Only Be The One To Comment This/Subscribe for the Guild Package)

Notice :
No Spamming
No Flooding
No Trolling
One Comment per Person
Process Will Take Time, So Your Patience Is Highly Recommended


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