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Welcome to Exodus Ran Online Episode 7

✔ 1 Year Running Server & Balanced Server
✔ Classic/Mid-rate
✔ International Server (Common : Philippines, Malaysia & North America)
✔ 4 Class (Archer/Brawler/Swordsman/Shaman)
✔ Extreme Reboot (Extreme Class) 5th Class
✔ Max Level is 230/No Reborn
✔ Quest System & Item Mixing! (Recipes are linked below)
✔ Oblivion Potions from (A-E)
✔ Party based leveling
✔ Party with different schools enabled
✔ Right click function, PK Streak & Target Info
✔ Players can manually ups any item/s up to +9
✔ Players can receive +10 - +12 through events
✔ Donate ups is +13
✔ No edited player
✔ Active Staffs & No bias staffs
✔ No Lag and Delay (Depends on your Network)
✔ Random Events, Random Time & Random Prizes "On the-spot"
✔ Hunt your own items
✔ Hunt-able items (Not All) but donors will be provided with special items
✔ 672 megabyte file size-installer

✔ Reward Boxes (Reward boxes can be opened when each level requirements for each reward boxes are met)

Level 7 up to 167
(with free Spiritual Sphere for Skills and Freebies)

Level 220 Reward Box.
(+9 Reward Set Non-drop,Non Trade, 3D Full Accessories, Hair Color Card, Hair Style Card)
✔ Extreme Reboot!

Since the available class in class selection are only (Archer/Brawler/Swordsman/Shaman) When you have reached level 200 - 230, You can create a new character and (Extreme Class) will be available on class selection, once you have a character that has level 200 - 230 in your account. It is called, "Extreme Reboot."

Advantages : Extreme Class has more buffs & etc. Disadvantage : Proper class weapon should be used depending on the class.
Server is now 1 year running, but got down several times due to hosting providers/resellers that scammed the Server, However Exodus Ran is now on main, permanent, direct and hosted straight to the legit hosting company, So Server will never be down, and Exodus Ran doesn't depend to the pockets/finance/money of the players. Server will still be UP no matter what happens, through the months; experiences of scam & etc, Exodus Ran still manages to stand again on it's feet and never left any players
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Explore is needed, never just use your mouth and hands, use your brain and skills to Explore the game. Game is built with HUNTING + QUEST + LEVELING + STRATEGY game, Meaning; All of those are required for those who are willing to be the strongest in the game. Free to play & Free to leave
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Patience, Hard work and Strategy is needed here too. Have fun!

✔ International Server (Common : Philippines, Malaysia & North America)
Server can be played through out the world, Game will be accessible throughout the the world, Countries and outside countries from the common countries that plays the game. Exodus Ran will not be prohibited from people who wants to try and play the game out!
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MUST READ ME! (Rewards, Special Rewards, Donor Process, Guild Package & etc)

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